Most people can't imagine not being able to communicate by voice. It is by far the most common and intuitive way to communicate and only until recently was this not a viable option when it comes to interfacing with technology. This required that technology providers improvise by creating interfaces such as keypads, switches and touch panels. No matter how well designed these interfaces are, some people are not as comfortable using them. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue as voice is universal and almost anyone already know how to speak and can use voice to control almost all aspects of their smart home.


   The convenience of telling your home that you would like the lights turned on in the room you are in or turning on the music is only the beginning. You can create a script we call a "Scene" which can be used to implement a variety of functions automatically and effortlessly! Can you image walking out of your house and saying "Activate Away Mode" and the system automatically turns off all the lights, turns off any music or video, locks all the doors and sets the alarm for you?